Thursday, April 12, 2007

What To Wear With Shorter Pants

A loyal reader inquires as to what kind of shoesies we should wear with the shorter pants that are popular in the spring and summer.

A nice sandal with pedicured toes and SOFT, CLEAN HEELS would be nice. On your feet, I mean, not just the shoe. It's only April and we're already getting into some dire Sandal Situations, about which more later.

A dressy flat is also nice.

If you're just around the office, a chunky casual sandal is fine, but pair it with a more polished top than just a tee-shirt. It's obviously a very "casual Friday" kind of look, and not something you would ever wear on a Sunday or to an evening church event.

PeaceBang is not a big fan of the shorter pant, as it is a distinctly unflattering style -- no one needs to be cut off at the calf like that -- but she understands that some of you manage to look quite cute in your little cotton pants and will persist, therefore, in wearing them. Some of us will not look cute in them, but will wear them anyway because they're comfortable, and PeaceBang herself is among this group. Especially in the hot summer which MAY COME SOMEDAY BUT YOU'D NEVER KNOW IT SINCE IT'S STILL FREEZING RAIN OUT!

What not to wear with the shorter capri-type pants are :
sneakers of any kind
flip-flops of any kind
heavy pumps
boots, unless you're Sienna Miller

Please, please, please do not wear capris in bright colors or in frog or palm tree prints. PeaceBang's heart couldn't take it.


Anonymous Bay Bridge Episcopal said...

Since I'm 6'1", all such short pants on me would make folks assume they'd be long pants on anyone else and I just didn't know my own size. The fact that they'd also make me look like a zaftig Gidget on steroids keeps them out of my closet, too.

As for the weather, well, why do you think some of us went west? I'm originally from upstate NY, went to graduate school (the first time) in Chicago and spent three endless years in Belmont, MA. My whole time in New England I'd spend each summer nervous and twitchy because I knew winter lurked just around the corner. Urgh. I still see pictures of lovely villages in the summertime and think, "oh, yeah? And how are they going to look at 4 pm in February when it's black as pitch, 17 degrees and the snow is hard as ice? Hmmmm? Quaint my..." and then I have to go lie down for awhile and think Calm Thoughts.

I think you deserve combat pay, myself.

11:00 PM  
Blogger Anita said...

Ballet flats are a nice option. They are the sophisticated big sister to the flip-flop, as Tim Gunn says in his new book.

Are you OK with knee length capris?

9:10 AM  
Blogger Mrs. M said...

PB, you're gorgeous, and I'm so grateful for the outfit advice for my upcoming postulancy interview, and so it pains me to respectfully disagree:

I love sneakers with capris. NOT, mind you, with the tailored ones, but with the sporty little cargo ones. This is actually the only way I can make myself wear capris. I remember seeing them for the first time on a strong and athletic woman, and thinking how saucy they were. (But I do think one needs to have Very Nice Legs for this to work.)

9:45 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

I think that if one is going to wear sneakers with capris (and never, never when seeking to look professional), some summery canvas low-tops would do just fine. Not clunky running shoes.


2:35 PM  

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