Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Shapes, Good: Sacks, Not

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Listen to Auntie PeaceBang when she tells you that FIT MATTERS.

Case in point. Look at the delectable Miss Jessica Biel in this beautiful dress.
(But don't look too carefully, or you'll notice that it's a bit tight across the thighs and she's wearing WHITE PUMPS which she can get away with because she's a Hollywood starlet but if you or I try that same pair of shoes, we'll just look like we wandered out of the prom at a high school in 1960's suburban Ohio.)

And look at her in this garment. A biiiiig no-no:


Aiiieeee! Attack of the enormous, shapeless garment!

So sad, chica. Even her glorious figure has no chance in that schmatta.

Mark my words, chickens, take time with the fit. As PeaceBang always says, you may not have a shape like Jessica Biel, but you have a shape. It doesn't make you more holy or more godly or more transcendent a being to conceal it in swaths of fabric: it just makes you look like a shapeless mass. Unless you're a friar, in which case you just go right ahead and wear big shapeless swaths of fabric all you want. Just tie that cincture with a little flair and you're good to go.

[Thanks to Go Fug for the photos.]



Blogger jean said...

Yeah, but great biceps!

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