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A Good, Cute Ministry Shoe

Born Britten Pump
Originally uploaded by Peacebang.

This is just the perfect shoe for the spring, isn't it? A great neutral color, comfortable, funky, looks cute with skirts and pants, and best of all -- it has a CLOSED TOE, so you can wear it to church!!

I'm not madly in love with the cutesy hippie girl detail on the strap but I am mad about the color and the general shape, and the fetching clunkiness of it. Born makes an excellent shoe.

You may ooh and ahh further at :

The only trouble IS, I wear a size 6.5 and they only have whole sizes. IF I was going to buy these-- and I'm probably not because they're pretty expensive -- I'd go up a half size so I could fit a comfy insole in the shoe. Even better for long days at church! Brazilliant!

If you get them let me know how they are in real life! Better yet, get them in my size and then send them to me when you're done!



Blogger Lizard Eater said...

Not related, but must share:

Follow the Amish's Fashion Lead!

Okay that may sound a little strange, but those girls know how to hold a bun in place. Just received in the mail some Amish hairpins. They are absolutely fabulous. Hold an updo as well or better than a couple of hairsticks, but don't make you look like you have chopsticks in your hair. Go to:

Choose headcoverings, then scroll to the bottom.

10:02 PM  
Blogger PeaceBang said...

You're killing me!!! LOL!

10:08 PM  
Anonymous jess said...

Ummm... that shoe looks like a clog with an ankle strap. Bleah. Sorry. I'd like to think that my minister can still walk in her shoes, rather than scuff or totter.

11:16 PM  
Blogger PeaceBang said...

Honey, I can rock those shoes without tottering or shuffling. Give me some credit, mama!

I need something that isn't a pump and that isn't a a total flat. I loathe flats.

I must admit, though, that this is the closest thing to the "Frumpy New Age Babe" look that I have endorsed here. My God! Maybe they're getting to me!

(I still want 'em. And Sister Of PeaceBang, one of the hippest chicks of all time -- although she's totally going over the edge into Eccentric Art Teacher Land, thinks they're to love)

11:24 PM  
Blogger Caroline Divine said...

Same color, different shape, for those of us who do quasi-flats and who love the Dansko Golden Gate collection:

1:07 AM  
Blogger juniper68 said...

I like both these shoes. Of course, I still have all my doc martens, and I even wear 'em sometimes. AND I'm clomping around in size 10s, ( iDREAM of size 6.5 shoes. sigh..) so I'm not much a help in the Elegant Shoe Department.

By the way, I'm thinking of getting some boots, now that's it late int eh season and they might be cheaper. What do you think of Fryes?

1:16 AM  
Anonymous passacinny said...

I got some FABULOUS boots this year - Steve Madden's - "Hypper". Oh my goodness! They are wonderful. They go with skirts, dresses, pants, jeans . . . everything.
Sort of look Western-ish, (like Frye Boots) but longer and more church friendly.
I paid more than I expected to, but, per wearing, they are a VERY good buy.
I see on the box that there is a Good luck!
PS. I don't think big feet are any reason to "clomp". I love the line in the hymn that says "Take my feet and let them be swift and beautiful for Thee" Think of your feet as beautiful, Juniper!

2:36 PM  
Blogger claire said...

i see that those are born shoes. i have some borns that i like a lot, though they were a little more than i usually like to pay for shoes. but as an idea for sizing you could go to a store that has a few different models of tha brand and check out what their sizes are like on you so you don't have to mail-order the wrong size shoes and mess around with re-doing the whole deal.

as an aside, it's ridiculous not to have half sizes if you make shoes. i know it must be cheaper, but it seems like you'd loose a lot of sales too, is it really a benefit?

6:50 PM  
Blogger Caroline Divine said...

Speaking of Doc Martens...

I am thinking of investing in some black Doc Martens lace-up boots. (They'd work with both pants and sporty skirts and if they lace up, my calves would fit in them.) I've been reading various comments on websites (can't remember which, this was a few weeks back, and I don't think it was the Doc Martens site, it may have been Zappos) and some talk about a break-in period. Juniper, what's your experience with that? Are the boots really stiff when you start out? I've had Doc Martens sandals (yes, there is such a thing, or at least there was when I got them from Sierra Trading Post) but never their boots. Thanks.

12:23 PM  
Blogger CAM said...

I am so excited that Beauty Tips discussion has stumbled into an area that I actually have experience in! My first pair of Docs, back in my pseudo-punk days were not the hard finish kind, but the slightly less hard. I don't remember a painful break-in period, but I do remember that over the years they got softer and more lovely to wear. I cried when I threw them away after the treads had worn down and no amount of duct tape would make them right. I also had a nice pair of doc mary-janes that were kind of like wearing boats, but they were cute and bouncy boats. Those took a couple of months to feel totally comfortable. I think that the tall, hard boots, can take some time to ease on the calf, but I never committed to those. Happy clomping!

8:48 AM  
Blogger Caroline Divine said...

Thanks, Cam! I'll keep you posted. (I may have to wait a couple more paychecks before buying.) I'd welcome anyone else's advice and experience, too.

P.S. I looked at the website and while it looks for real, it also --on the page where the lace-up boots are-- notes that these are ideal for Civil War reenactments, so someone has figured out a way to make a buck. I like the fact that you can send in your own fabric. This probably belongs on your other blog, PB, but there are some interesting discussions online (I ran into them by accident while googling the Plainly Dressed site) about what dressing plainly means, the economics and spirituality of it all, etc. Good discussion about thrift shops on one of them.

Let's talk thrift and consignment shops sometime. I've found some great clothes at consignment stores and even church rummage sales. You gotta pick the rich churches though ;-).

8:41 PM  
Blogger Lizard Eater said...

Just in the off-chance you're at home on a wild Saturday night, I just found out about this:

" will have another Saturday Sale event on January 13, 2007. The sale runs from 7:00am to 11:59pm central, and many shoes will be discounted to 60% . This sale usually takes place once per month, and you can use coupons with the marked-down prices. offers free shipping, free returns, and a 115% lowest-price guarantee. Coupon JAN8OFF will save you 8% on a purchase of $50.00 or more."

9:11 PM  
Blogger Psalmist said...

I hit a bonanza at Steinmart last night, PB. I'm not going to pretend that the basic low-heeled pumps I bought are going to win any knock-em-out-with-style awards, but they were ***$9.00*** per pair, in my size, in three good colors (plus a fourth I didn't buy because I wear nothing in that color). I've been unable to replace my favorite low-heeled black pumps, which are about to die, because for at least a year now, no one has made anything remotely fashionable with a real heel (unlike ballet flats) in low-vamp styles, which I need because of an absurdly high instep. Hurrah...these fit the bill!

AND I paid for all but $4 plus tax of the total purchase with a gift card. I *like* that kind of shopping trip!

P.S. Nominated you for "best dressed blogger" on a blog awards thing.

11:54 PM  
Blogger LaReinaCobre said...

Juniper, if it makes you feel any better, a LOT of models and famous actresses are size 10s. They're tall - they have long feet!

And they definitely wear elegant shoes.

2:07 AM  

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