Monday, January 15, 2007

PeaceBang On Vacation

Greetings, lovely and beautiful people!

PeaceBang is slogging around in that pre-vacation haze, mumbling to herself, slinging things into suitcases, and icing her face to keep an enormous blister from forming.

It all began last night when the cat must have been putting our supernatural amounts of dander and right there in the midst of watching "Mrs. Palfrey At the Clairmont" with her mama, PeaceBang began to itch like mad. When the itching became unbearable she ran upstairs to access a Benedryl (and wondererd for the umpteenth time why the manufacturers insist on packaging it as thought it's plutonium -- GADS that stuff is impossible to open!).

She itched and itched. Her left eye puffed all the way up and she looked like the Elephant Man. In the morning, after nightmares so intense they had her yelling out loud (bringing the cat running in for a psych nurse call), PeaceBang awoke to a red, swollen cheek on the verge of becoming a huge allergy blister.

BUT PeaceBang is not complaining. She's just tired and hopes she's arranged for enough coverage while she is away in Guatemala for the next ten days gazing at volcanoes.

PeaceBang will be here,
and here,

She wishes you much beauty and joy while she is away.