Saturday, January 13, 2007

More Recommendations

Who was the darling person who wrote to ask about skin care alternatives to Almay?

PeaceBang doesn't recall -- she's been too busy trying to entice a striped menace to EAT, already, EAT-- but she must say that she has never been impressed by Almay. The make-up colors are too lightly pigmented to do any good, and the much-vaunted hypoallergenic doesn't seem to assure that the products won't itch and irritate.

PeaceBang does like their petroleum-based eye make-up remover, which is probably nothing more than Vaseline in a pretty tube, and which PB only uses for removing very powerful waterproof mascaras.

Darling Itchy-Face, do try Aveeno products. PeaceBang has very easily irritated skin and is a big fan of their sensitive skin line.

On another product entirely, PeaceBang has tried the incredibly famous Neutrogena Shimmer Sheer product and is TOTALLY unimpressed and disappointed. It looks like a whole lotta nothing on the eye, but I'll try it on my skin tomorrow. I think it would be an absolute waste of time on the lips.
So much for the promise of a great three-in-one product. Sheesh, ya can't even tell it's on!

Thanks for the sale tip, Lizard!


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Good, Cute Ministry Shoe

Born Britten Pump
Originally uploaded by Peacebang.

This is just the perfect shoe for the spring, isn't it? A great neutral color, comfortable, funky, looks cute with skirts and pants, and best of all -- it has a CLOSED TOE, so you can wear it to church!!

I'm not madly in love with the cutesy hippie girl detail on the strap but I am mad about the color and the general shape, and the fetching clunkiness of it. Born makes an excellent shoe.

You may ooh and ahh further at :

The only trouble IS, I wear a size 6.5 and they only have whole sizes. IF I was going to buy these-- and I'm probably not because they're pretty expensive -- I'd go up a half size so I could fit a comfy insole in the shoe. Even better for long days at church! Brazilliant!

If you get them let me know how they are in real life! Better yet, get them in my size and then send them to me when you're done!


The Beauty Buyble: 2007 Edition

You know that dance they do at some extremely booze-soaked wedding receptions where the bridesmaids all get on their backs and writhe on the floor, and you as the sober clergyperson look on with a detached and amused air, when really you just want to get the heck out of there before someone tears their dress and the whole situation becomes a tragic Festival of Inappropriate Sharing ? I think it's called The Worm. Or The Cockroach. Or the Inebriated Bridesmaid. I'm sure one of you will remember.

Well, PeaceBang just did that dance when she opened a package from a friend and reader that contained The Beauty Buyble: The Best Beauty Products !!!

It's even the 2007 edition! Not even 2006!!

The gals who wrote this totally know what they're doing and they've packaged the book in this enormous pink Barbie-looking box with FREE PRODUCT SAMPLES and PeaceBang has so much to do tonight she can only say DAMN YOU KIM HAMPTON!! HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO GET ANYTHING DONE NOW? You know I want to head STRAIGHT TO THE PARLOR TO READ THIS BOOK ALL NIGHT!

I don't even care if the title is blasphemous and if the authors write their own version of the Ten Commandments (that was saucy of you, ladies!). I am the grinnin'est fool of all time right now.
I so needed this.

Kim, you rock. And you probably didn't even know that Sunday is MY BIRTHDAY.

Ya'll can get your own copy here
but it won't come in a fun big pink box with PREZZIES!


Shapes, Good: Sacks, Not

Originally uploaded by Peacebang.

Listen to Auntie PeaceBang when she tells you that FIT MATTERS.

Case in point. Look at the delectable Miss Jessica Biel in this beautiful dress.
(But don't look too carefully, or you'll notice that it's a bit tight across the thighs and she's wearing WHITE PUMPS which she can get away with because she's a Hollywood starlet but if you or I try that same pair of shoes, we'll just look like we wandered out of the prom at a high school in 1960's suburban Ohio.)

And look at her in this garment. A biiiiig no-no:


Aiiieeee! Attack of the enormous, shapeless garment!

So sad, chica. Even her glorious figure has no chance in that schmatta.

Mark my words, chickens, take time with the fit. As PeaceBang always says, you may not have a shape like Jessica Biel, but you have a shape. It doesn't make you more holy or more godly or more transcendent a being to conceal it in swaths of fabric: it just makes you look like a shapeless mass. Unless you're a friar, in which case you just go right ahead and wear big shapeless swaths of fabric all you want. Just tie that cincture with a little flair and you're good to go.

[Thanks to Go Fug for the photos.]


The Perils Of Product Testing

Mario Badescu Botanical Facial Gel is a lovely cleanser for all kinds of skin, although it's specified for oily.

PeaceBang received it as a sample with no instructions and wore it all night as a serum! Hey, creative!


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cat Update

For those of you who care (and we're very grateful that you do):

She is breathing well. She grooms herself a lot. She seems very happy. She came to the door to greet me tonight; a first since she came home.
She is sleeping a lot but not all the time. She is extremely snuggly and likes to be near me, but is getting more independent and more like her Sass Factory self.
She plays with her cotton "snake" when I dangle it in front of her.
She takes her meds obediently and then stays in my lap for kisses and praise.

The only bad news is that she doesn't eat unless I warm up some very cheap, stinky food and put it right under her nose on my finger. I feed her bite by bite and then she walks away, and then I coax her into a few more bites. She's eating about 3-4 teaspoons of food a day, and as many treats as I can get into her. She is not drinking very much but I can trick her into lapping up some water if I put tuna juice in it and place it right under her nose.

We are going to X-ray her lungs again when I'm home from vacation.

I really do thank you for your prayers and support. It's been extremely touching. If not for friends I wouldn't even have known how to get some food into her.


Sister Of PeaceBang Reviews Products

Darling people!
I've met the most adorable self-professed "product junkie" tonight and he's going to be my Official Male Product Consultant. Everyone, welcome Eric! He and his girlfriend give each other masques! Can you stand the cuteness?

Anyway, Eric and his salon co-workers absolutely loaded me up with thousands of testers from Kiehl's, but before I review those, let's share the latest Sister of PeaceBang recommendations.

SOPB was mezza-mezza about Laura Mercier Purifying Light Oil Cleanser. She said it didn't give her face the tight feeling that soaps can give, but her own cleanser (a Neutrogena foaming item or the "Target knock-off") doesn't make her face feel tight, and she thinks it cleans better.

Verdict: "If it costs more than five bucks, give it a miss."

Estee Lauder Products We Love ("We" Being the Royal We, Since PeaceBang Herself Doesn't Use Estee Lauder):

Face Primer Plus: A very sheer, moisturizing base that gives the cheekbones a lovely youthful glow. (I saw this effect in person and it was truly flattering)

Ideal Light: This is a blush-on illuminator -- sort of a "heavier-duty shimmer wtih a bit of sheer lightish cover-up, can be blended easily. I'm not sure what you'd use it for -- maybe for eyelids to give an even, shimmery tone.

Minute Blush: "Neutral pink blush in a stick that is easy to control and blend -- gives a fairly pink look to cheeks [SOPB has olive toned skin] and lasts a long time. Be careful not to put too much on or you'll look like Bette Davis in 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane!'"

Artist's Mechanical Lip Pencil in Double Mauve: "Not sure how 'mechanical' this is -- but it has a smaller lip-liner part that goes on smooth, and the slender sheer lipgloss/lipstick has a nice hint of pearl. Doesn't stay on too long. I like the Sephora neutrals better." [PeaceBang thinks this is a great neutral color for gals who are lipstick-phobic or who have a lot of anxiety about choosing a flattering color].

Thanks, Sis!

P.S. Hey Mom, Karen has JUST AS MANY PRODUCTS IN HER BATHROOM AS I DO, so you two can just QUIT teasing me!


Monday, January 08, 2007

Dear Oprah

Dear Oprah,

This is PeaceBang, a big huge fan of yours.

I just want to say that I am one person who won't pick on you for making beauty an element of the curriculum and the experience for those girls in Africa for whom you are building a school.

I couldn't agree with you more that it enhances human dignity and a sense of empowerment to be as beautiful as we can be. I don't think it's shallow. You're doing a good thing.

But given that you have more money than God, I was just wondering if you would like to pay off my student loans and also finance the book that I would like to write based on this blog. I even have an idea for another book after that.

Call me. I can come on your show and make you laugh. I've always thought we should have lunch.

With best regards and love from someone who thinks you're a smokin' babe no matter how fat you ever get,


Sunday, January 07, 2007

His Excellency, Governor Deval Patrick

I just want to say that I stood a few feet from this lovely man the other morning, and in real life he is more stunning. I know that a lot of Massachusetts residents want to know what Deval is going to do for the commonwealth, but I feel very confident about his policies and his vision. What I really want to know is, what kind of skin care regimen does he use? Because he just GLOWS.

flutter, flutter, crush, crush!


Napoleon Dynamite: A New Line For The UnTall Male

The other day at the inauguration worship service for Deval Patrick, I saw a petite man with a suit jacket that was far too long for him.

His pants were hemmed, and I suspect that he had had the sleeves on the jacket tailored to fit him. However, the jacket itself hung down to mid-thigh, and it had the unfortunate effect of making him look like a little boy dressed in his daddy's clothing.

Short men, I know it's a rough world out there, sartorially speaking. I see lots of "BIG N' TALL" stores, but I've never seen one for short fellas. I don't suppose men have petite sections, either.
And really, it can't be fun for an adult male to shop in the boy's department.

Are short men just presumed to have so much professional ambition that they all have enough money to afford custom-made clothing? No fairsies! I think that some fashion-savvy person should start a line called (hold on!) "NAPOLEON DYNAMITE" (is that genius or is that genius!!?) and design gorgeous clothes for diminutive dudes.

Meanwhile, my short brothers, get thee to a tailor and have at least one good suit that fits you. Your pockets should not be down around your knees.