Tuesday, October 31, 2006

PB Goes Bye-Bye To NYC PDQ

Darling and sweet ones,

Sorry to have been so remiss, and to not have kept up with your wonderful comments and questions. PeaceBang is juggling so many things, including, just now, an incipient head cold that she is going straightaway to bed to try to kill in its infancy.

Since she is heading to the Big Apple on Thursday to share in some Christian fellowship and to become deeply inspired by the big city fashionistas (how DO those girls tromp around the city streets in such high heels?), PeaceBang will leave you to savor her archives for the time being. She hopes to return this weekend extremely refreshed in the Holy Spirit and with loads of hot tips for you.

Meanwhile, God bless your hearts, and exfoliate.


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Crack WAS Wack

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Could you just CRY?

Remember when Whitney was just looking so hideously used up and broken down and dried out and had horrific skin and her hair was all sticking up crazy and she looked like death?

Look at her now. By God, there's hope for her after all.

That is a pretty bad hair color but hey, that's the beauty of wigs: you can change your color as often as you like.

What works here: great lip color, glowing skin, nicely lined eyes, and a HUGE smile. Teeth whiteners are a former drug addict's best friend.

Blessings on you, Whit. Stay clean, baby. And stay away from that man. He is POISON for you.


61 and FAB

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I'm sure she's had work and whatnot, but it's a great haircut, great make-up, and you can see why you have to use sun protection on your CHEST as well as your face, pumpkins.

Love you, Miss Midler! Worship you! Adore you!


Hilarious Comment

Bay Area Episcopal responds to my query, "If I wrote a book, would you buy it?"

She says,

"I'm in. I'd be delighted to share it with my Episcopal brethren here in the Bay Area of CA, too. When, when, when will my fellow clergy learn that clogs, dark leggings, a corduroy skirt and a shapeless sweater do not cry, "friend of the poor and downtrodden" nearly as much as they bellow, "I'm not comfortable being a professional"?"

Thanks for the sympathetic guffaw with my Sunday morning coffee, Bay!

PeaceBang, wishing you all a blessed Sabbath.