Friday, October 20, 2006

WWLW? What Would Laura Wear?

You probably don't have to have screaming red hair to be curious about Laura Bennett's wonderful, red lipstick.

For Inquiring Minds Who Want To Know, she is on the record as saying that she likes Covergirl Outlast Smoothwear in Cabernet (#855) and Maybelline Superstay in #745.

PeaceBang is running RIGHT OUT later today to get some of the Covergirl Outlast. Not because it will necessarily look particularly good on her, but because she wants to wear it in solidarity with Laura. I would do that for Uli, too, but she doesn't seem to "vear" any lipstick. And I'm pretty sure that Michael Knight only wears lip balm, if anything.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why We Love Laura

PeaceBang's Imaginary Talk With Morgan Fairchild

Originally uploaded by Peacebang.

Morgan: Hello?
PeaceBang: Hi, Miss Fairchild ? This is PeaceBang. I'm a blogger whose life mission it is to defrumpify the American clergy.
Morgan: Mmm hmm?
PeaceBang: Let me first say, Miss Fairchild, that I have had a girl crush on you since I was a teenaged babysitter and you were the prettiest woman on "Fantasy Island" or "Love Boat" and you had a nose just like a Barbie Doll and amazing big blonde hair and a kind of funny, self-mocking way about you that I've always adored. Let me just say that first.

Morgan: Isn't that nice. Did you call for an autographed photo of me? I have some left over from the "Old Navy" ad campaign I did a few years ago where I was *particularly* self-mocking...
PeaceBang: No. No, thank you, Miss Fairchild. Actually, I was calling to ask you to never wear that sweatshirt again, and especially with a turtleneck. I mean, you can wear it to bed if you want, but it would really help my cause if you never wore it again, and especially not in public. You see, Miss Fairchild, it's getting close to Halloween, and your punkish skeleton sweatshirt with the matronly turtleneck is just the kind of thing that ministers wear near various holidays to try to be cute and seasonal, but it actually just makes them look really dumpy and corny, and then it's just one step more to long, body-obliterating denim skirts to go with the holiday-themed sweatshirt, and then ... well, it's just Frump City. And I think I said earlier, God has called me to fight the Frump.

Morgan Fairchild: I see. I'll certainly consider it. From a religious standpoint, I mean. I still like the sweatshirt, and I'm wearing the turtleneck because my neck is covered with hickeys.

PeaceBang: And that's why I love you, Miss Fairchild.

[Thanks to the Go Fug Yourself gals for the photo.]


"Project Runway" Finale, Finale (Spoiler Alert!)

I threw myself out the window. It was the first floor, but still.
I am currently lying in the bushes in the fetal position, quietly wailing. Soon the neighbors will be alarmed and call 911. I will be too tangled in the Christmas lights for the paramedics to do anything for me. It will be very tragic. I will only leave the bushes if Tim Gunn comes and pays me a personal visit and comforts me.

My last post was accidentally deleted (there's a lot of that going on today!) but thank you for your sympathetic comments. We share pain today.

When Laura's collection came down the runway I thought "That's a world I want to live in." Was the music not the most kicking thing EVER? Not to mention her GORGEOUS creations? I also loved much of Uli's line, and was practically in tears with my sister about Michael's regression. Wha' happint? But as he said, he's young. He's got time.

I guess it's Jeffrey's Japanese Fairytale, and we just live in it.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Carol's Daughter Products

Carol's Daughter makes such yummy products that you won't be sure whether to put it on your skin or hair or spread it on bread and eat it.

You probably could eat these products with no harmful side effects, but I wouldn't recommend it.

PeaceBang currently has the Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter all over her head and she's going to go to the gym and work out and let her sweaty, warm noggin activate that butter so that she not only gets a good work-out, but ends up with shiny, soft hair after her shower.
(You didn't just think that multi-tasking just means researching your sermon while talking on the phone, did you? You can also BEAUTY multi-task! Yes, Lord! Alleluja!)

Meanwhile, my friend L'il Flava has relocated from the mean streets of NYC to the dry, sunny climes of California and asks for your help in finding skin products that will help her moisturize, stay sun-protected, and not exacerbate oily skin and zit production.
Please help her transition from Urban Grad School Goddess to Glowing Yet Not Shining Professor.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Aunt Sadie's Candles

I feel sorry for you if you're not experiencing our simply gorgeous New England autumn, but you can fake it here:

The pumpkin pie and the red delicious apple scent will bring you right into PeaceBang's home for Thanksgiving. It works even better if you fill the house with friends and hang out in the kitchen cooking good things.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Reservations About "What Not To Wear"

PeaceBang has noticed, much to her horror, that many of the outfits vetted by Stacy and Clinton on "What Not To Wear" could be most honestly described as Butt Ugly.

While the fabulous duo are still great at certain aspects of fashion intervention, some of the clothes featured on the made-over participants have been simply heinous. There has been a particularly frightening trend toward atrociously ugly skirts of late -- skirts that are doubly offensive for being both ugly and expensive.

Also, PeaceBang cannot, in all good conscience, condone make-up artist Carmindy's penchant for slathering all the contestants in tan base and leaving off BLUSH. What have you got against BLUSH, CARMINDY? Cheeks are GOOD! Bone structure is GOOD!

It's still a hoot of a fun show, though. I'm going to be up all night writing church things because I just hunkered down for a "WNTW" marathon from 8-10:30.

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The Latest on Marie Antoinette

Lead us not into temptation!!

PeaceBang SO wants to buy the book Queen of Fashion by Caroline Weber and just devour it as soon as possible, but she's knee-deep in class assignments and sermon research and she Just Can't until maybe after Christmas.

So she is breathing deep, martyred sighs and contenting herself with reviews such as this:

1. What in the world is an "emo boy?"
2. Isn't that concluding sentence a naughty little riot?

If you see the film with Kirsten Dunst, let me know if it's worth it.

I Can't Stop Smelling Myself

Dear hearts, today was just a Beauty Day in PeaceBang's life. Nature was beauty, the people and the coffee at church were beauty, and since her sister and mother helped dress her this morning and she had an excellent hair and skin day, PeaceBang herself felt quite lovely if not Beauty in the transcendent sense of the word. Given that she has been feeling like the Great Pumpkin's Hag lately, it was a b i g improvement.

Sometimes when PeaceBang attends grave and serious religious events, she gets a little whiff of girly rebellion up her nose (could be all that patriarchal church history, who knows) and just HAS to go out and purchase something frivolous afterwards. Once it was a pair of Shu Uemura eyelashes after a tedious ordination. Today it was a delicious bottle of perfume she'd been lusting after for about a month, following a lecture on the origins of religious toleration.

Are these fragrances not Beauty even only in verbal descriptions?
These fragrances are swoonable. * They smell like what God would smell like if She was a totally elegant woman sitting in a Parisian cafe reading Proust on a rainy afternoon. If you have a chance to smell any of L'Artisan's scents somewhere, I certainly hope you will. It is a deeply spiritual experience. You will feel luxurious just sticking your snout in the tester for that one rapturous moment, I promise.

The proprieter of an adorable little shop called The Beauty Mark where I went to find the fragrance turned out to be a lovely spiritual seeker named Rebecca, whose hunky husband Tom was also in the shop today, which (and here's the Holy Spirit at work) wasn't even supposed to be open this afternoon. Can you imagine? Is that not evidence that Jesus wanted me to get this perfume? My friend and I certainly thought so, as we don't think it's any fair to let the wacky megavangelical Christians have all the crazy theology. I've heard Joel Osteen say right out loud that God wants you to be rich. If Joel can say that, PeaceBang can say that God wants you to smell good. And it makes Jesus happy when you buy new perfume.

Rebecca is going to set me up with some samples from her store, and then I will review them, and you can purchase them RIGHT FROM HER and she'll give you a deal on postage and handling! Is that not Beauty right there?

* PeaceBang is always more than happy to tell you her age, but she believes that a lady never reveals the name of her perfume.

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